Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome 2012!!!

Amazing how time flies! We have been busy bees at The Nest on Main. We had our February tag sale and saw many familiar faces and some new ones too! We are preparing for a trip to High Point Market to see the new lines for spring. And we have been at work preparing the way for some new vendors to rep for custom installs.

Our workshop schedule has started with a terrarium building class led by, none other than, Nancy Wallace of Wallace Gardens. You are certain to go away with a cool terrarium with today's designs built with your own hands. We will offer up several workshops through the year... it is our way of saying "come socialize, enjoy and bond with us while learning many ways to refresh your style and showcase your things in a new way!"

It is an exciting time to grow a business. Being a very hands on person - I can tell you that the small business world is changing everyday and it takes lots of creativity and motivation to stay on top of all the ways you need to be savvy to make a business successful. I am no longer certain that any of the old rules apply. Opening a design center and dabbling in a little retail to service our clientele has been a very motivating and rewarding addition to our services.

Henderson & Adams continues to add new projects to the spring schedule board with complete kitchen overhauls and master bathrooms as a popular contender. While we always have a unique terrace level project on hand - the strongest additions that we see in the new market year are add ons! We have several new clients in some popular golf communities taking the plunge into adding on family rooms with new casual dining, while reworking the kitchen and adding outdoor living. The vibe is very upbeat, modern and there is definitely a more streamlined look now.

It seems that spring has the potential to offer all the requirements needed to wash off the winter doldrums and head into a vibrant, exhilarating new year! I am sure we will see you there! :)

Peace and Enjoy.... Lila

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